Mythronics has developed fast and seamless AI solutions for multiple sectors. Energy modelling solution, trading and fraud detection, manufacturing and predictive maintenance and healthcare.

We are sector agnostic and provide consulting and cross sector learning like no other consulting firm.

What We Do?

We Offer Services

Data processing is operationally costly and labour intensive, creating opportunities for human error. Automated data processing and the unique algorithms built for processing the data, eliminate mistakes and significantly reduce operational cost.

Mythronics understands the stakeholders concerns about data security and together we explore fast and effective solutions for your business.

Building AI driven Software

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to simplify data processing tasks, generating reliable insights that can help experts to make critical decisions.

Predictive Maintenance Analytics

Predicting probability of a failure. detecting failure patterns or anomalies. This will help maximizing the uptime for your limited resources.

Visual Detection Systems

Using various techniques in Machine Learning We will engineer a customized visual detection system to inspect and automate your daily operations.

Data Science Engineering

Together with you, our engineers will explore the possibility of applying large dataset into your operations to transform your organization without interrupting the current process. Often small pilot project will help to validate.


Our Partners

We are trusted by our partners, they believe in us and we are happy to work with them. We are in a good company!